Sunday, July 26, 2015

Looking For Penpals?

Do you remember those days of snail mail writing to others in different cities or countries? Though the computer age has taken away most of that, you can still find people who want to exchange snail mail. If you prefer a site message center or email, that's available as well.

I've been a member of  PenPalWorld  for awhile now and have met many new friends and a few that after a few messages seemed to fizzle out. The site is free, however, you only get three messages a day and occasionally you may get someone who sends a P.S. after a message and you can't get to the other messages until another day. If you hit it off with someone, it can become daunting to correspond unless you become a VIP. I do my VIP by the month right now. It's cheap enough (currently $8.95) and if I want to deactivate for awhile I can and not be wasting a longer subscription.

A VIP has advantages over free with more messages (50 daily) as well as you can block people, countries, see who visited your profile, have your own hotlist, can disallow comments on your profile, no advertising, and you can actually see the ISP number where the messages actually are mailed from.

If you're not sure, stick with the few free. You can also leave comments on profiles if your free is used up for the day.

It's not without annoyances; I had a man email me claiming to be from New York but his ISP said Poland. I had another with a very old inaccurate photo (saw the real one on Facebook) and he tried to lure me into feeling sorry for him and his girls. A woman tried to use "friendship" to sell her crafts. A man tried to get me to see his ebay by saying he'd give me something free if I want it.   A man who typed all in caps and ran it all together in an extremely long paragraph and I asked him not to he claimed to be typing as he thought and his English professor said he has a brilliant mind to write this way (either he's full of it or that teacher is.)Then there was the woman who ended all her sentences with an '!' and 'LOL' no matter what she was saying.

Don't let my above negative part detour you. It's worth being there if you are serious about friendships. I met some long term good email/message friends; including snail mail. I even met a couple in person.

This is not a dating site. Unfortunately, some try to use it as a cheap way to do just that. If that is what you're after, go to Plentyoffish or OKcupid for free.

If you are caught or reported to be using PPW as a dating site, you will be deleted. Don't mass email the same copied and pasted email (will be considered spam); just be respectful.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Check Out The Free Stuff

A fellow blogger has listed some awesome freebies. Instead of my listing, go over to her page and click on the links.


Thursday, July 9, 2015 Giveaway!

What a fantastic contest! In July, will be giving away a beauty basket with products from L'Oreal Skincare, Neutrogena Costmetics, NYX, Revlon, RoC, Nexxus Salon Hair Care, Essie, and more! The contest  runs from 07/0/12015 to 07/31/2015 and the winner selected on 08/05/2015; being notified by 08/15/2015. Below is the basket full of beautiful products. Wouldn't this look pretty on your counter? In addition to entering on their website, you can enter on their 

 In addition to their website, you can also enter on their Facebook page by liking and entering (see below.) 

What I like about Freebeautyevents is the one stop site for your beauty needs. I can enter my 
Zip code in the top right hand corner or click on their locator tab to find the nearest demonstrations, spa treatment, sampling or makeover event near me. Speaking of treatments, there is no better way to review a product then click their blog tab to read about the latest such as this month's products that help sunburn. 


You can also find Freebeautyevents on:

#Beauty #Products #Demonstrations

This review is my own opinion and no way influenced by the free product for doing so.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Crest [HD] Pro-Health Review

The above banner was copied from Amazon and the Vendor. I am having issues with my camera but my own kit will be shown in my next blog. 

I am weary of products promising 6 times or more cleaning or other amazing optimal results. Imagine my surprise when I received my free daily 2-step system of Crest [HD] PRO-HEALTH gel free as a Bzzagent to try. I've been trying it for four days now and already I feel and see a difference. I will follow-up in a week and post before and after photos but I couldn't wait to let you know about this awesome new product. 

Using this product will give you 6X a healthier mouth reducing gingivitis and giving you a whiter smile vs ordinary toothpaste. From the first time using you will feel you have been for a professional cleaning and you won't need to buy expensive strips so it makes this a not so expensive toothpaste! No,it's not going to bleach your teeth but it does a great job removing coffee, tea and other type of build up so your teeth become whiter. 

First brush your teeth with step 1 - 4.0 oz PURIFYING CLEANSER for one minute to strip away plaque. Spit but DO NOT RINSE. Next add step 2 - 2.3 oz PURFECTION GEL for one minute to polish and whiten. Then spit and rinse. It's easy, it's quick and it's taste great. 

This kit is on sale this Saturday at Walgreens for $12.99 and they will have further savings and will combine them. Amazon has it for $8.83 up and other stores have specials going on as well. Check your neighborhood store as well as Costco and Kroeger. 

Crest Facebook

Disclaimer: I received my Crest HD kit free as a Bzzagent to try. It in no way influenced my own honest opinion of this product. 

Free Beauty Events Near You

Want a great cite to find a free beauty event, sampling, spa day, beauty makeovers, gifts with purchase and demonstrations? By entering your zip code clicking in the upper right hand corner search at freebeautyevents

This Saturday, June 20, 2015, Walgreens and Duane Reade stores will be featuring products from P&G, Gillette, Head and Shoulders, Crest, as well as Herbal Essences, Pantene, and Vidal Sassoon. You will be able to combine savings for these already great offers!

Protecting your hairs is as important as protecting your skin. Using a hair veil, deep conditioning, reviews and more are discussed in their  Blog 

On their Facebook   page you can like them to find out more tips, locations, and enter their monthly giveaway. From June 1st to June 30, 2015, you can enter to win Hawaiian Tropic, Simple, Essie, Beyonce Fragrances, Covergirl and other products! You can also enter on their website by entering here  Contest 

Winners will be selected on July 5, 2015 and notified by July 15, 2015 via email.

Do you have an event or know someone who does and would like to post for free on their site? You can go  Here   

Be sure to check them out on Tumbler, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.