Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Chatter

I just cleaned out over 300 old posts with expired samples, savings, sweeps and more. Whew. It took awhile and now my blog looks pretty scarce. I'm going to be busy making up for it this weekend and plan to hold a give-away as well. 

One thing I plan on and will hold to is keeping this family friendly. In the past I blogged for a few ritzy places and I don't want to post adult content any longer. Pretty nighties and such are fine and any photos will be tasteful. 

In the mean time I cleaned up my links on the side bar and soon I'll add some new ones. Check out the ongoing sweeps for All You'd contests. If you need help with taxes I have posted the IRS link and if you are looking for a grant, loan, or anything Government, I posted A cool link is the free You can download free patterns and there are quite a few projects on this site.

I'll see you Saturday and hope to hear from you. I'll be stopping by your blogs as well. 

With blessings,


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Free Beauty Events and Giveaways!

Do you like trying products before buying them? Do you like samples and coupons to help you save money? Then head over to Free Beauty Events where you can find out where free makeovers and free samples are near you and enter to win beauty products in their NEW monthly contest.

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My favorite part of Free Beauty Events is their Beauty Blog where you can find featured products and reviews.

Do you know of an event or have one of your own coming up? Free Beauty Events allows your submission to them to post for free. Please read their policy and submit here Form and Policy

Free Beauty Events has launched an even bigger and newer monthly contest!

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Unlimited Cauliflower Rice Dish

I've been hearing and reading about the new rave eating cauliflower rice. I know this stuff stinks and thinking how can it taste good without being smothered in cheese. Today I decided to find out. I ran to VONS and picked up a nice head of cauliflower, some shallots and celery. I decided if this meal has a chance to taste good and I can eat the whole pan, then I'm game to try.

First I started grating the cauliflower. It's a tad messy but grates fast. I only used half the cauliflower and put the other in the refrigerator for my next experiment tomorrow. 

After I grated the cauliflower, I peeled two shallots and diced them really well then diced three nice stalks of celery. I put them in my green pan but any pan will do and sauteed them in about a tbsp of virgin coconut oil but you can use Olive or another favorite healthy oil. 

I have an electric range and used the equivalent of medium heat and cooked the shallots first for about five minutes and then added the celery. I cooked both together for about five minutes or until my spatula went through a celery piece. 

I then added the cauliflower and stirred at medium heat for a couple minutes as I like a bit of brown in my food but you can lower it to keep it from cooking this way. I stirred and sauteed for about two minutes then covered and turned the heat to low. 

I don't have a lid for my pan so used a large pasta pan lid. It trapped in moisture very well. I let it cook for three minutes on low heat then stirred and let it cook five more minutes. 

Oh, my gee!!! I ate the whole pan!  I sprinkled with pepper and some salt free spices. When I make this again I'm adding some slivered almonds for crunch. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014


DIVERGENT is an action-adventure movie about a world where people are divided into distinct factions based on human virtues. Eurdite - the intelligent that must wear blue for stress relief. They sit staring at computers all day, Abnegation who do community service and are against vanity, Dauntless who are the brave, crazy strong protectors of the safety fence making sure no one gets in or out and wear black along with tattoos, Amity who are peaceful and trusting, and Candor who are the most honest who wear black and white. 

Then there is one more that is called the Factionless. Most are found to be Divergent. They are given the jobs of trash collecting, making garments, construction and so forth. They live in trash filled subways or other unclean areas and are given food and clothing for their work. They mix clothing from all the other factions. 

Tris Prior chooses Dauntless from Abnegation and during testing it's revealed she is Divergent meaning doesn't fit into just one area. she discovers a conspiracy by a faction leader to kill all Divergent and destroy the Abnegation faction.

There is a lot to the movie based on the best selling book and the ending definitely gives hint of a sequel. I'd give it about 3 1/2 stars only because of some scenes left you asking why bother but in all it was worth watching.

For fun which Faction are you?  I got Dauntless.  Faction

Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's OK to Let Go Of a Relationship Gone

Do you cringe when a person who you once thought of as a friend calls, texts, emails, or stops by? Do you want to go on with your life without them?

Sometimes people come into your life for a season and even that season can be unseasonably erratic. When you know you are ready to move on yet have guilt or want to avoid a scene, just remember it's OK to walk away for your own emotional health.

Many factors could have led up to the ending for you. Opening your eyes and seeing the differences in interest, morals, or other life values or just one of those things where chemistry just isn't there.

Can you honestly say you love him/her? Are you comfortable sharing your life news good or bad? Are your visits shared or one sided? Do you come away from a conversation with him or her feeling happy? If no, it's time to let go.

How do you let go peacefully? Some people, especially those that thrive on drama will not take it well. If you want to avoid a scene, slowly back away. Don't answer emails, text, or phone calls. When invited to an event, say you are unable to make it and not offer an explanation. When someone asks you why they are looking for an opening to argue with you and talk you into what they want. Instead, repeat you are unable to make it. If he or she picks a fight then you can then answer you have grown apart and wish them well but at this stage of your life you need to move on and thank him/her for the friendship that you did have. Say good-bye and hang up.

It's your life and you do what makes you happy. Never stay in any situation or relationship out of guilt.