Sunday, April 19, 2015


For a free black or beige sample of new Depend Silhouette Active Fit.

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Free sample Emergen C 

Free Stevia sweetener sample. Zing

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Get a free shell bag from FORTMYERS-SANIBEL.COM while supplies last. Go to the main page and at the bottom right hand side is a link to get your free bag. It will hold up to 300 sea shells. Visit there tabs for site seeing, outdoor activities and more. It's on my bucket list for my next trip. :) has a free subscription for those with neurological disorders. You can also be a caregiver. I have been getting these from my neurology doctor and the magazines are awesome. Some but not all under this classification are: ALS, Anxiety, Autism, CP, Epilepsy, Fatigue, Migraines, MS, Pain, Parkinson's, Shingles, Sleep Disorders, Stroke, and other.

The website also is full of interesting and helpful articles. If you are a freelance writer check out their area for experts to submit articles and you may also submit a personal experience to share about living with a neurological disease. If published they offer an honorarium.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Quaker Steel Cut Quick 3-Minute Oatmeal

Earlier I told you of two great cold cereals and now I have the perfect to-go tasty and quick hot cereal;Quaker Steel Cut Quick 3-Minute Oatmeal. The one I received free as a bzzagent is the Blueberries & Cranberries and those two go so well together. I am so amazed. Some dried fruits are sour but not these.

You pour in a pre-measured pouch, add water and microwave for three minutes. Fast, delicious whole grain texture goodness.

I make smoothies during work mornings and felt I needed extra staying power and nutrition so I added 1/2 cup coconut milk, half a frozen banana, half cup frozen blueberries, one pack of Quaker Steel Cut Quick 3-Minute Oatmeal Blueberries & Cranberries, a shake of ginger, dash of vanilla, and whirled away. It was delicious and held me until lunch time!

It comes in Brown Sugar & Cinnamon as well.

I received this product free to review but all opinions are my own.

Delicious Weight Watchers Cereal

I was a bit skeptical about the new Weight Watchers Oat Clusters with Cherry and Almonds and the Frosted Shredded Wheat with Protein. I've tried "diet" cereals before only to be disappointed in the after taste or blandness. They are low fat, low in sugar, have high fiber and essential vitamins for a healthy heart. Sounds like a recipe for bland, right? Imagine my surprise how delicious both have turned out to be.

As a Bzzagent, I received a free box each and immediately had to try. I first ate Weight Watchers Oat Clusters with Cherry and Almonds dry. I opened the box, saw a huge cluster and popped one in my mouth. next thing I knew I was snacking happily away without adding any milk. I did add my coconut milk later and found it to be a very satisfying delicious tasting cereal. You don't have to add sugar, the cherries are real dried cherries and the slivered almonds are surprisingly large.

The next day I dry snacked on Weight Watchers the Frosted Shredded Wheat with Protein. They are loaded with fiber, have minimal sugar and fantastic taste. The next day I experimented and put a serving in a bowl, poured coconut milk over and microwaved for one minute. It was very delicious this way. The high fiber and protein has great staying power and a great way to start your day.

If you are on Weight Watchers, the 3-5 PointsPlus value per serving means you can enjoy without feeling guilty. If you are just looking for something healthier but still has a nice taste, both these cereals are perfect.

Disclaimer:  I received the Weight Watcher cereal free thanks to MOM Brands, a distributor of Weight Watchers. The above opinion is my own.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Chatter

I just cleaned out over 300 old posts with expired samples, savings, sweeps and more. Whew. It took awhile and now my blog looks pretty scarce. I'm going to be busy making up for it this weekend and plan to hold a give-away as well.

One thing I plan on and will hold to is keeping this family friendly. In the past I blogged for a few ritzy places and I don't want to post adult content any longer. Pretty nighties and such are fine and any photos will be tasteful. 

In the mean time I cleaned up my links on the side bar and soon I'll add some new ones. Check out the ongoing sweeps for All You contests. If you need help with taxes I have posted the IRS link and if you are looking for a grant, loan, or anything Government, I posted A cool link is the free You can download free patterns and there are quite a few projects on this site.

I'll see you Saturday and hope to hear from you. I'll be stopping by your blogs as well. 

With blessings,