Friday, November 13, 2015

Free Beauty Basket Giveaway!

I use Free Beauty Events to find free spa, demos, samplings, and discounts in areas near me. Just enter your zip code at the top of the page and you'll find select places like Walgreens with dates for events. On their Facebook page they recently posted 50 morning beauty hacks that lazy girls will love. By the time I am finally on my way to getting ready for work, I need these and I have saved time using the five-minute, five-product makeup routine.

One of the easiest to enter monthly beauty product giveaways; a basket full of awesome products like, Vaseline, KISS, Essie, Nexxus, Simple Skincare, Milani Cosmetics and more, is found on the
free beauty events  web page.

Facebook   is another easier way to enter.  Just like their page and enter. Easy peasy!

The contest runs from now through November 30th and winners chosen on December 5, 2015 - notified by December 15, 2015.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Free Beauty Events Giveaway!

Entering contests should be very easy and not jump through hoops. That is one reason I love going to  Free Beauty Events   and entering their monthly contest Contest . You can enter via   Facebook  or their website and click on the contest tab. Just enter your name and email.

This months giveaway includes products from Simple Skincare, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, Revlon, ELF Cosmetics, KISS, SheaMoisture, and more! It runs now through October 31, 2015 and winners chosen on November 5, 2015. The winner will be notified by November 15, 2015.

My skin was dryer than normal even with buffing. I went to Free Beauty Events website to find some tips in their beauty blog and found a product review for NUANCE Salma Hayek Walnut Body Scrub sold at CVS. It moisturizes while exfoliates and smells devine!

I want to see what Saturday event is happening at a store near me and found the Walgreens & Duane Reade Beauty Must Haves, hosting a men's personal care product line from Axe, Degree, Dove, Men+Care, Suave Professions Men and Vaseline. Advisors will be handing out coupons and you can test the products. There will be special BOGO offers of 50%! Stop by Saturday, October 10th from 10 am to 5 PM. Find your store here

If you  host or demonstrate free beauty events for the public, you can list your even on their site for free. Currently it's only for the United States. Go to their submit tab and read the submission policy for more information.  Submit 

You can also follow them in Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. Want to advertise? They offer a competitive price and reach thousands.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Free Beauty Events & Giveaway!

Free Beauty Events  is the place to go to find your local events. Typing in your zip code will bring up a store near you and what event is taking place. Events can be spa openings, sample testing, demonstrations, coupons and major discounts; free with purchase, and beauty make overs.

My favorite tab on the site is the  blog  where I find some amazing reviews and important information. For instance, I have heard about microdermabrasion but had unanswered questions. In Free Beauty Events, I had my answers with their "How Microdermabrasion Works" blog.

Who doesn't like to win giveaways? Free Beauty Events has an easy entry to win products in their
 Monthly Beauty Basket Giveaway  For instance, the month of September you have a chance to win products from Biore, Simple Skincare, Essie, Olay, Revlon, Neutrogena, and more!

You can enter on their Facebook page as well. Be sure to like them first.

Have a spa opening, demonstration, beauty event or know someone who is? Go to Free Beauty Events and  Submit free. Read their submission policy first.

You can also advertise on their site for a small flat rate fee per month.

Disclaimer:  I receive free product samplings for blogging about FBE. Content is my own personal opinion & experience in attending some of these events while sharing their site information. Receiving free items in no way influence how I share information about their site.

Craigslist Scams

Craigslist is great to advertise your items or services for sell or to find something you need; however, for all those legit ads, you will find many scams -  some being dangerous. I have received scam responses, but know enough not to fall for them. For those desperate or naive, these can be a sad reality and downfall.

If you are selling something, try not to give your address and meet in a busy area. It's very hard for those selling furniture not to allow someone in your house. Having to load something to meet a no show isn't logical. Take precautions and have someone with you and if you can, have the item outside or in a garage where your other items can not be seen.

Answering an ad to buy something can be a lure for robbery. Fortunately this doesn't happen too often but it has and even caused death. If you are buying a pricey item, meet in a public place and not in the parking lot. If it's a car for sale, have several people with you.

Of course those scams about sending certified checks are pretty well known and usually ignored; however, they still exist because some people still fall for them. The check is fake and more than you agreed to so you send the "buyer" back the difference via Western Union and then you are out that along with the bounced check. Sending money Western Union when buying a fake item will net you lost money as well.

Some of these scams are very sophisticated. Usually misspelling and the same structure (I'm out of town/country, client will pick up or arrange shipping, blah blah blah) will tip you off but even people who rarely fall for scams can be had. I have a friend who was looking for a special TR4 and saw an ad and he starting talking to the guy and things seemed very up and up to him. He wired $5k and never saw the car or money again. The phone number was soon disconnected. Go phones are not traceable.

It wouldn't hurt to have a counterfeit pen and not accept large bills. Know your presidents on each bill. One new scam is creating $50 bills from real $10 bills. Removing the 50 off with alcohol shows the real bill (saw it on a youtube video.) What caught my eye right away was the 50 bill showed the 10 bill president (Hamilton.)

When I was selling my house, it was listed with a realtor and not on Craigslist. A scammer found it, copied photos, and ran an ad for rent. He put $2000 which covered the first month's "rent" and $500 deposit. The ad looked very legit with a real agencies name, my address, and other information. I lived way out in the country on a hill so people couldn't just drive by. I found out about this when someone came up and was peering in the windows and trying the doors. I came downstairs with my gun and scared the bejeebies out of the poor soul.

A man in Oregon had all his items stolen when someone posted all his things were free for the taking. I say it was a vile "inside job" but there are people who will believe this too-good-to-be-true ad. Sometimes the scammer learns of the person leaving town and runs an ad and blends in with the crowd.

Be very careful buying tickets to an event especially if they are high price. They can look legit but be fake. I've sold movie tickets but for $10 for two. I gave them the information where I received (office) them and to check it out first so they would know I was legit.

I have a friend who bought an eticket for an airline only to have the scammer immediately cancel it before she could use it in her name. I know another who bought a gift card and checked it's balance while with the scammer only to use it the next day and be declined. The scammer had the number and used it online.

Be diligent. Don't wire money ever. Don't ship items. If you do receive a check, let it clear. My daughter actually did four days of intensive research and checking on a man in Houston who couldn't get to OK because of the flooding that was going on. He sent her a postal money order (she requested) and cashed it at the post office. Once she had the money, she shipped his item. This turned out well but could go another direction if you are not careful. A pushing sell or buy is worrisome. Don't fall for it.

Don't click on links or use different offered emails to correspond. Don't give your cell number. Most have email set up on their phone so banter back and forth that way through craigslist. If you do make a call, do not use the area code 809 and turn off your ID.

Don't fill out forms for jobs through craigslist.

If someone posts free, it's usually set out on the curb. If it says a house full, beware.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Quickie Freebie Post

Head on over to get more freebies like free pancakes, sandwiches, hair care samples, and much more:  Micheles Little World